DOWNLOAD 1 Tick Digit differ |✅ Make Money In Binary Options®

1 Tick Digit differ Make Money In Binary Options®

1 Tick Digit diferir or superdigit defer is one of the most profitable and easy to use robot and it is a simple robot. You can check my other bots with 3 different digits or with different normal digits. The superdigit differ is the robot fasting all the digits there are.

The simplest strategy used in this robot called "digits differs". Here the time duration is 1 tick. And there is always a magic number. You can edit the magic number and try to change the magic number if you want. I always use one tick with this bot, it is very profitable for those people who are really looking to generate money with binary.

Let's say you run this bot and the magic number is 1. You know the tick duration is 1. If the last digit of the spot price is not 1 after the tick duration, you will win the bet. Likewise, if the last digit of the spot price is 1 after 1 tick duration, you will lose the bet.

we know that many websites, don't share their strategies I wonder why if at the end we don't generate anything when we die we just enjoy what we have now since we don't take anything with us.. that's why I decided to share my strategy with those who really want to earn money on the internet with binary options.

There is a 95% win rate that we experience. And there is also a martingale step. If you lose any bet, the next one will be martingale my 11 times. Although the martingale multiplication is high, the loss rate is actually very low.

This bot is a beginner bot. We do not recommend running this bot for a long time. If you do it for too long, your balance will be affected. The less time you are in the binary market, the less chance you have to lose money.

How to DOWNLOAD  Tick Digit differ Bot | Make Money In Binary Options®

Details : This bot was created by Binary Bot Xml®. This xml script can run on website: www.binary.bot. You can read about "How to use bot" in Click here. We intend to do this bot. You can set up the expectation profit by yourself but we suggest set less than 5$ per times. We use the tick analysis to find the probability events. Our strategy use tick list and last digit list to find strategy. We find the strategy based on some condition, tick movement, indicators, last digit analysis, last digit pattern, trend analysis, and visual experience, etc. Which make a decision for trading the contract. This bot is look like good profit but there is risky. We tested this bot many times and this strategy should planning your capital. Time for trading shown in the video. However, you should have the risk management and money management. Please try and test this bot with yourself to improve your strategy. *Caution: Please be discretionary.

⚠Warning : Do not use this bot if you cannot take risks and we do not guarantee and responsible if you lose all cases. If you download or buy this bot, you agree to these terms.                                              

How to start earning money fast from home:

Step 1: Register binary bot: https://bit.ly/Binarybotfree
Or Deriv (New brand of Binary.com): https://bit.ly/DERIVBOT
Step 2: Go to bot.binary.com or deriv.app/bot
Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file
Step 4: Run the bot

Recommended settings for investing :

Recommended balance: $100
Starting amount: $0.35
Stop Loss: $50 Target
Profit: $1-$2(you can use more, but making 5% 💰 is already very good)


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