How to DOWNLOAD Premium Rise Fall Binary Bot | Make Money In Binary Options®

DOWNLOAD Premium Rise Fall Binary Bot | Make Money In Binary Options®

The binary premium rise fall bot is obviously different from any kind of digit bots out there. This bot analyzes the market and executes the call and bets for every 5 tick duration. If you want, you can check out the rise fall bot for better results.

If you are familiar with forex strategy, you can hear about the support, resistance and moving average strategy. The strategy behind this bot is moving average, support and resistance. And the time frame is 5 ticks.

with this bot is easier to make money with binary than any strategy out there... that's why I highly recommend it....

This bot takes every bet according to MA, support, resistance strategy which can be put or call. There is a 60% profitability of this bot. But if you lose one, the next bet will be martingale for 2 times. You can experience 3-4 martingale steps in a row. Overall, it is a very profitable bot if you have proper money management.

You must follow the money management rule to keep making profit every time with this bot. Without money management, you will eventually lose your investment. I recommend running this bot for 7-15 minutes each session.
You can download this bot for free and try it on your virtual account.

How to DOWNLOAD  Premium Rise Fall | Make Money In Binary Options®

Details : This bot was created by Binary Bot Xml®. This xml script can run on website: www.binary.bot. You can read about "How to use bot" in Click here. We intend to do this bot. You can set up the expectation profit by yourself but we suggest set less than 5$ per times. We use the tick analysis to find the probability events. Our strategy use tick list and last digit list to find strategy. We find the strategy based on some condition, tick movement, indicators, last digit analysis, last digit pattern, trend analysis, and visual experience, etc. Which make a decision for trading the contract. This bot is look like good profit but there is risky. We tested this bot many times and this strategy should planning your capital. Time for trading shown in the video. However, you should have the risk management and money management. Please try and test this bot with yourself to improve your strategy. *Caution: Please be discretionary.

⚠Warning : Do not use this bot if you cannot take risks and we do not guarantee and responsible if you lose all cases. If you download or buy this bot, you agree to these terms.                                              

How to start earning money fast from home:

Step 1: Register binary bot: https://bit.ly/Binarybotfree
Or Deriv (New brand of Binary.com): https://bit.ly/DERIVBOT
Step 2: Go to bot.binary.com or deriv.app/bot
Step 3: Upload the downloaded .xml file
Step 4: Run the bot

Recommended settings for investing :

Recommended balance: $100
Starting amount: $0.35
Stop Loss: $50 Target
Profit: $1-$2(you can use more, but making 5% 💰 is already very good)

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